Welcome to Visual Recognition

Visual Recognition is a spin-off company of the ISLA Laboratory at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. Visual Recognition can also provide scientific consultancy on topics in the field of computer vision with an emphasis on colour; applications are: Object recognition, video retreival. Another area of expertise is human-computer interaction, with applications in: Eye tracking, head-pose estimation, and voice-mood recognition.

Limited eMotion demo released

Want to try before buying? We have just released a limited demo, you can find description and download link here.

eMotion Software Now Integrates with Second Life

Using the software tool eMotion / Second Life linker you can now animate the facial expression of your SL avatar in real-time! This new tool allows users running the eMotion software to map their facial expressions to their avatar's facial animations, see it in our demo-video.

System Requirements

Glad or Sad website launched

The website GladOrSad.com has been launched. This website uses the emotion recognition software from Visual Recognition to let its visitors determine the emotions in photographs that can be submitted through the website. GladOrSad.com is a joint initiative between Visual Recognition and Ilse Media.


On this page you will find several video-clips of software we have created to demo the emotion recognition technology. You will find emotion driven PONG (a new twist on the classic video game) and an avatar that is displaying the visual expression of somebody in front of a webcam in real-time.

News: News: Mona Lisa's smile explained!