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On the download page you can buy the eMotion software. You can download the Second Life linker here.

Limited eMotion demo released

Want to try before buying? We have just released a limited demo, you can find description and download link here.

Services and Solutions

Visual Recognition offers the combined experience and knowledge of it's members. Together they span a wide range of topics in the field of computer vision. Currently our best known product is an emotion recognition program that can reliably classify emotions from a face. The system runs on a standard computer, not even the latest model, and can take it's input from a web-cam. With these simple prerequisites, the results from the software are quite remarkable.

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The NEMO science centre in Amsterdam has an installation to play Pong using your emotions. This installation was developed by Visual Recognition and our minister of Science, Ronald Plasterk, played the first game at the opening.

Image of minister Plasterk playing ePong

Glad or Sad

On the website users can upload photographs to have the emotions analysed. The resulting images are presented on the website, where they can be tagged by other website visitors. GladOrSad has been developed with Ilse Media.

Image of minister Plasterk playing ePongGlad or Sad website


Unilever had hours of video footage from people tasting different kinds of food. Using our software, an objective and reproducible qualification was assigned to the expressions of the subjects. This has been reported on the WIRED website.

Image of happy icecream face
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